Priority Lending is a finance company with a mission to help business owners in Canada secure equipment to grow and expand their business and working capital for routine operations. We take great pride in helping our clients find funds from an impressive range of banks and alternative lenders including private funding.

Priority Lending was founded with the goal to help business owners find hassle-free finance without having to worry about piles of paperwork and complicated qualification criteria. We also help match businesses with private lenders if they do not have the time or credit profile to do business with a bank. We bring highly competitive programs to the table that are excellent for the growth of a business with a view to improve their long-term financial outlook.

Priority Lending Process

You can reach Priority Lending for your business’ financial needs in person or over the phone.

  • You will be directly connected to a Priority Lending Financial Advisor who will understand your business, your goals and your needs and your current credit situation.
  • This advisor will walk through the process at Priority Lending and will be your point of contact as we process your file and secure you the funding.
  • Your Advisor will help you complete a credit application (in person or over the phone) and will also collect some basic required paperwork to which you probably have easy access.

Don’t worry, your Priority Lending Financial Advisor will make the application process easy and efficient.

Priority Lending Teampriority-lending-team

Priority Lending’s team is composed of veterans of the financial services industry who have four decades of combined commercial finance experience. They have worked for banks, alternative lenders, and as brokers. Our financial experts know exactly what each lender wants, and how to present your case to the lender in order for you to qualify for the amount you require. You can rest assured that your business’ financial needs are only in the best hands at Priority Lending. If your business is strong, Priority lending can help you grow and develop. If your business is in urgent need of funds, we can help turn your business around with our industry-leading services.