Accountants are smart with numbers but it is not necessary that they know everything about their business financing options. If you are an accountant looking to establish your own practice the good news for you is that Priority Lending has a portfolio of competitive lenders who loan to accountants.

Accountants who are running their own business have various financial needs including payroll, short term and long-term working capital, real estate investment, equipment including phones and computers, and new acquisitions. All these processes call for instant funds which can stall the growth of their business if they are not ready when needed. This is where Priority Lending can support accountants who are ready to grow their business. Loans for accountants are financial products that have been meticulously designed to manage the needs of an accounting practice.


Priority Lending is Ideal for Business Loans from Alternative Lenders

Priority Lending can help if you are finding it difficult to get a loan from a bank. Whether the bank’s process simply takes too long for you, you don’t like the bank’s terms, or the bank as turned you away, we can help. This is the reason why businesses trust us to pair them with an alternative lending option. Priority Lending is the right place to match with unconventional business lenders for financing options for accountants. At Priority Lending, our staff is well trained to handle accountant loans and find the best deals with fair interest rates.

We start the process by asking you to complete an application discuss your financial needs, business experience and credit history. We can then present you options for which you qualify and explain how they work and what to expect. After this, we will collect some basic documents and submit your file to the right lender or lenders. Your Priority Lending Financial Advisor will oversee your file from submission to funding, which can take place in as little as 48 hours.