Lawyers face a need for funds when they decide to start their own practice or expand their existing practice by adding more staff and/or more office space. Finding the right loans and understanding their requirements can be an intimidating and complicated process for those outside the financial services industry. Priority Lending will help you navigate this process, saving valuable time. If you are a lawyer looking for funds to start or expand your own practice, you should get in touch with Priority Lending.

Priority Lending secures practice loans for lawyers through their extensive network of lenders and takes care of the whole process so that you have more time to serve your clients.

Practice Loans for Lawyers

Financing for lawyers can be used for further studies, buying real estate for the practice, procuring partnerships, buying new equipments or taking over an already existing lawyer practice with all its employees. Lawyer loans are offered by many top lenders in Canada. All these come with a different set of regulations related to the interest rates, timeline and eligibility.

Priority Lending matches lawyers with some of the best financial institutions in the country and helps them pick the most suitable product for their needs. Financing for lawyers comes in various packages and the staff at Priority Lending will explain the pros and cons of each one for you to make a proper and quick decision. We will start the process with you filling in a financial form and from there we will deal directly with the lender on your behalf without you having to worry about all the paperwork and various loan meetings.

Equipment Finance for Lawyersequipment-finance-for-lawyers

A lawyer looking to start or expand an office will have a wide range of equipment they need, including telecommunications equipment, computers and furniture. Priority Lending can help you with an equipment lease which will allow you to pay for this with a low monthly payment that you can write off when you file your taxes.