Working capital is the financial need for day to day operations of a business. This money is what helps a business manage its routine expenses on daily basis and keeps business running. Working capital requirements vary from one business to another depending on staffing requirements, workload, rent payments, and other overheads that contribute to the smooth operation of a business. These factors are the reasons why no two businesses have the same working capital needs. Therefore, any business’ working capital solution must be highly customized to its own situation.

what-is-a-long-term-working-capital-loanWhat is a Short Term Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan, as its name suggests, is a loan which is taken to manage everyday operations of a business. A hort Term Working Capital loan is a good choice for businesses that have daily sales and daily deposits into their accounts, and need support in managing predictable slow periods, caused by reduced business activity. One good example of a business that can benefit from a Short-Term Working Capital Loan would be a retail gift shop or a restaurant in the month of January, after the holiday rush is over, while the owners wait for business to pick up in February in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

Short term working Capital loans are not ideal for long term projects like buying an asset or investment. They are used to cover overheads like employee wages, etc and are best suited for these purposes.

Why Choose Priority Lending for a Short-Term Working Capital Loan?

Chose Priority Lending if your business needs hassle-free short term working capital. Through Priority Lending, you will get immediate access to funds without long waiting periods. We understand that your business needs these funds right away to operate smoothly, therefore, we will process your application quickly. At Priority Lending, we put the spotlight on your short term needs and champion your business by offering you ongoing access to working capital.