A wholesale distributors purchase in bulk from manufacturers and sell products in bulk to retailers. Wholesalers are generally responsible for wholesale shipment, storage and other logistics related to the distribution of the goods. With the advent of new technology, distribution business has become highly technical and those in the industry or planning to get into it need a significant funds ready to stay competitive.

As a result, Wholesale Distribution Loans can be a great benefit to wholesalers. These are meant to help businesses handle the financial hurdles that are a part and parcel of the distribution business.

Reasons to Get Wholesale Distributor Financing

There are many distributor loans available for wholesale distribution businesses. One of the main reasons a wholesaler may need a loan is to fulfill an especially large contract when the wholesaler does not have enough cash on hand to purchase the amount of stock their client is requesting. Another, similar reason, is if you, as the wholesaler cannot wait the 30 or more days to be paid by your client. If you are a wholesaler facing these dilemmas, Priority Lending can help! We can finance both ends of this transaction, so you can buy your product, and get paid on the invoice from your client straightaway!

Wholesale distributor loans can be taken for various other reasons, too. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Acquiring new technology
  • Acquiring specialized systems
  • Increasing space and capacity
  • Providing customer service
  • Paying workers and clearing bills

Types of Wholesale Distributions Loans

Various banks and independent lenders offer loans to wholesale distributors. All the aspects of these loans have been developed considering the needs of the business and involved risks. Following are the types of loans available for wholesale distribution business.

  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Traditional Business Loans
  • Equipment Finance/Lease
  • SBA
  • Line of Credit
  • Cash Advance
  • Alternate Funding
  • Invoice Factoring

At Priority Lending, we can help you get any of the financing listed above simply and efficiently. We take care of the paperwork on our customer’s behalf and stand by them until they have received the funds in their account. Priority Lending works with top banks and other lenders who have great financial products and are also open to creating custom made loan products tailored for you. So, once you have collaborated with us for your cash needs, you can forget about wholesale distribution financing hassles and focus on your business while we bring you the best of deals and lowest of interest rates.